Whether you’re planning a festive dinner party or simply looking to transform your weekly menu, Round the Table is here at your service. Check out the site for recipes, videos and much more, and get in touch today.

Chef Cammie (right) is the Founder and Head Chef with Round the Table, LLC.  She brings 10 years of cooking experience to Boulder-Denver-area homes.  She is a master with whole grains and sneaking vegetables into dishes where you least expect them.  She loves working with her families to find the right menu options to fit their busy lifestyles.  She's a mom to little boys herself and enjoys everything that Colorado has to offer in her spare time. 


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"So far, I am super thrilled. The ease of it, combined with the yummy food, and it’s very easy to work with you.  Love!!  At first it seems like an extravagant thing to do money-wise, but you are able to create more meals per dollar than we have been doing, so it’s actually not so much more than we have been spending on food. And the time savings on planning, buying, prepping seems amazingly worth it so far!!'

Natalie, from Lafayette, family of 5

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