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Got questions? We've got answers! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our personal chef services.

How do I get started?

 It all starts with our simple online intake form.  This goes over all your likes and dislikes so that our chefs can put together your first menu proposal.  If there is any additional information (FODMAP list, Allergen list, etc) that can’t be put on the intake form, it can be emailed to us.  

What do your personal chef services include?


Our personal chef fee includes menu planning and creation, recipe customization and adaptations, grocery shopping, meal preparation and packaging, cleaning and tidying of the kitchen upon departure.  We do not charge any sort of pantry fee as we do arrive and utilize our own spices and oils when needed.  

What are your service options?


We strive to make sure that this service works for you and your family.  Our packages start at up to 5 dishes per week and some clients use this as an every other week service and go from there.  You can have as many as 10 dishes made for you per week, per month or even per quarter.  We do not lock people into any sort of a service contract so you are free to try a package out and see if it’s the right fit for you.  Some clients have us increase the number of dishes when they have guests coming to town or decrease if they’re headed to the mountains.  


How quickly can I get started?


This all depends on the availability of our chefs.  We’ve had clients reach out on Friday and get services the following week.  Reach out as soon as you want and we will work with our chefs to find a date as soon as possible for you. 


What meals do you typically prepare?


We typically prepare dinners for the vast majority of our clients.  However we also prepare breakfast and lunch options as well as snacks for some.  


Part of my family eats differently than the others. Can you accommodate that?


100%!  We’ve had many families that eat differently from one another and are happy to build a menu that takes this into account.


Do you offer pick up or delivery services?


At this time, we are not set up to offer pick up or delivery services as we have not found our perfect commercial kitchen space just yet.  If you know of one coming up on the market, shoot us an email!!  One thing we have found for some to work is to partner with a neighbor friend and then you pick up from them.  


Do I have to be at home when my Chef comes?


Not at all!  Most of our clients are not home while we work.  The one exception to this is our very first visit, we do ask that someone is home to greet us to show us in, guide us around anything funky in your kitchen and of course so we can meet any fur babies.  Our clients typically do not stick around long as their busy lives beckon.  We often are given a garage code or front door entry code in order to lock up when we leave.


Do you shop organic?


We shop according to your specifications.  If you’d like all organic, then that is what we will bring.  If you’d like us to shop the Dirty Dozen and conventional on some items, we will do that.  We strive to find what best looking produce and meat in the store while taking into account your budget concerns.  


Do I get any input on what's on my menu?


Always.  Don’t like that dish with chicken breasts and want thighs instead?  Just let us know and we will make that swap.  Trying out a new dietary preference for the month, shoot your chef an email and we will build a menu to reflect your changes.


Do you cater events as well?


Yes!!!  We do anything from brunches to weddings and everything in between.  Just shoot us an email at with a little bit about your event and we will get back to you.   


Can you use groceries that I have or can I do the grocery shopping?  

While we take care of the grocery shopping, we can definitely use items that you already have on hand. Did you over buy at Costco and now have 10 lbs of quinoa?  Or 8 lbs of ground beef in the freezer?  Do you order from Locavore or Longmont Dairy and always have eggs on hand?  We will make sure not to purchase those items thus lowering your grocery bill.  


What are your COVID19 protocols?  


Our chefs are vaccinated and boosted in order to protect everyone.  We also ask that our chefs meet your level of comfort and wear a mask in the home.  

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